About Us

Our Vision

We have established Grayson Law Firm to meet the needs of a changing world, where increased digital inter-connectivity and the expansion of knowledge present novel and challenging legal issues.  Advances in technology, computing, and data processing are revolutionizing healthcare, higher education, e-commerce, and social interaction. We live in markets and supply chains that are being disrupted, while new inter-connectivity is simultaneously emerging in forms such as federated data exchanges, health information exchanges, and blockchain ledgering networks.  Businesses increasingly need protection of intellectual property, proprietary rights, and security of systems and operations.  Individuals are becoming more aware of risks to privacy and the personal value of their individual information. Closer to home, our leaders and volunteers are seeking independence and self-reliance to meet the immediate needs of their communities and are increasingly organizing in nonprofit business models and public-private partnerships to address the challenges of this new world.

Practice Areas

Our firm offers general and special counsel services to nonprofit organizations and technology companies. A significant number of our clients engage in technology transfer from the public sector to commercial markets, public-private partnerships, and the use and exchange of information and data in healthcare, transactional, business, and research settings.




Intellectual Property

Mergers, Acquisitions & Joint Ventures

We believe that our years of work together as a team in numerous acquisitions and sales of businesses have made us adept at examining companies to determine legal deficiencies and risks, and our experience has given us strategies to improve the legal side of a business as you work to meet your goals.

Our Value Proposition.

We recognize that we must be good stewards of the resources and budgets that clients set for their legal needs.  We are dedicated to a process of legal practice management, based on three areas of focus:

  • Communication, including scoping the specifics of legal work within your budget
  • Efficiency
  • Predictability of cost

We aim to work within a client’s budget and add legal value to each client enterprise by leveraging our industry knowledge and experience to create customized form contracts for each client’s repetitive needs, to train client personnel to negotiate within the contract framework, and to create internal processes that reduce the amount of attorney time necessary to support a client’s business.   We are a paperless office and, as part of any engagement, maintain an electronic record of each client’s legal files.

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